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3 Door Lockers

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Why Buy 3 Door Lockers?

Security – Our 3 door lockers offer a secure, lockable place to keep valuables and personal items safe. Our steel lockers are manufactured from the highest quality materials. You will find our lockers have a range of excellent security features,. These are designed to help keep your belongings safe and offer peace of mind. These include through frame locking, five knuckle hinges, quality lock mechanisms. Other three door lockers such as laminate door lockers have a solid laminate door offering extra security and durability. In addition, our plastic lockers are incredibly tough, making it impossible to break in.

Anti-Bacterial Protection – Our steel three door lockers and laminate door lockers with a steel frame come with a unique powder coating. Anti-bacterial protection comes as standard on metal lockers. This protective coating protects against the spread of harmful bacterial and germs. Some of our lockers are also ‘covid safe’. Buy three door lockers with anti-bacterial protection for any healthcare environment or high user area.

Budget- Friendly – Three door lockers are cost effective; you have three individual compartments in one unit. Depending on your space and how many lockers you need, you can have more compartments than if you were to buy a single- or two-tier locker.  3 door lockers pack more compartments into your space for your money.


Where Can I Use a Three Door Locker?

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities – Use 3 door lockers in any educational setting to provide secure storage space for pupils. Students generally have a great deal of equipment and belongings that they carry around. Coats, bags, electronic equipment, books, PE kits to name a few! Corridors and cloakrooms can quickly become cluttered and untidy. Install three door lockers so pupils can lock all their personal items away. Most Junior and senior schools, colleges and universities opt for full height three compartment lockers that are 1800mm high. For primary schools, see our range of low height three door lockers.
  • Hospitals, Dentists & Doctors Surgeries – If you are looking for a storage locker for a healthcare environment, a three-door locker is a great option. NHS lockers enable staff to store spare clothing, shoes, bags, and valuables during the working day. In addition, our steel lockers come with an anti-bacterial coating. This is particularly useful for in settings where hygiene is of high importance. Why not try our white three door lockers? They fit nicely into dental practices or aesthetic clinics to match a clean, white interior!
  • Gyms, Leisure Clubs, Sports Facilities – You can use a three-tier locker in any gym or sports setting for secure storage. Provide a space for your gym clients or members to lock away personal items. A three-door locker has plenty of space to keep a change of clothing, shoes, sports bag, mobile phones or keys. They then have peace of mind that their belongings are in a secure space while working out or playing sports.

Are Three Door Lockers Expensive?

Three door lockers vary in price, depending on what material you pick. If you want cheap lockers, then metal lockers are by far the best option. You have a wide choice of door colours, size options and locking options. In addition, lead times are quicker for metal lockers so you would not be waiting as long as other material lockers.

Other materials include wire mesh, plastic, laminate, aluminium body, or galvanised steel. These materials especially the laminate door lockers are more expensive but serve a purpose if you are looking for a locker that is more specialist for the purpose of using it.

The environment in which you want to use the locker is important. It may be worth spending a little more on a locker that will last longer. For example, metal lockers for schools will only last so long before they start to show scratches, dents and look generally worn. A laminate door locker is pricier than a steel locker but will withstand daily use for a lot longer. Therefore, you won’t need to purchase brand new lockers in place of old lockers as quickly!


We have a huge range of 3 door lockers to suit any environment. From metal three door lockers to plastic 3 tier lockers. Available in a selection of quality materials and door colours. Need a quotation or more advice? Speak to our friendly sales team at