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The cabinets are 1.2mm mild steel, with a press formed construction that is fully welded and leak-proof. They include a 3-point locking system and a concealed hinge for additional security. The finish is highly visible polyester powder coating, and the interior shelves are adjustable/removable. They come in a wide range of sizes, and ship with BS5378-compliant labels.

CoSHH Security Cupboards

These security cupboards are fully compliant with CoSHH regulations to ensure the safe and secure storage of hazardous materials and substances. They include high-security features and advance locking mechanisms to deliver supreme security in the workplace. It is essential for both employers and employees to comply with CoSHH regulations where hazardous substances are present. These cupboards deliver maximum security with a welded, pure steel construction for high strength. The safe door lock made up of 7 levers and incorporates an anti-pick mechanism. Full-length heavy-duty hinges, complete with concealed fixings, prevent forced entry and repel theft. The interior shelves are adjustable and made from galvanised steel for optimal spill management, and the integral liquid-tight sump uses absorbents to handle spills. 

The heavy-duty steel has a thickness of 1.5mm and comes in a dark grey, powder-coated finish. There are various sizes to choose from, and the shelf capacity is 70kg.

CoSHH Acid Cabinets

Many work environments need to use caustic substances like acids and alkali in their daily operations. The inherent danger of these corrosive substances means they can be a hazard, and specifically designed CoSHH acid cabinets allows for a safe storage of caustic chemicals away from other CoSHH controlled substances. This improves the overall safety in the workplace, helping to clearly identify potential hazards and minimise the risk of handling mistakes. 

These acid cabinets feature a smooth-action 3-point rod lock for secure looking but easy access. They also include a spill containment system that channels spills into a liquid-retaining sump. They are manufactured from 1.2mm steel in a press formed construction, fully welded and leak-proof with a sump in the base. The finish is polyester powder coating, and the interior shelves are adjustable and removable. There are fixing holes at the rear, and regulation indentification lables are included, in full compliance with BS5378 regulations. There are various sizes available and the finish is white in colour for professional yet stylish appearance.

Flammable & Pesticide Cabinets

When following Health & Safety guidelines for the safe handling and storage of chemicals it's important to segregate certain hazardous materials from other forms of substance. For instance, petrol and flammable materials should be kept together in an easy to identify location. Red spelling danger is often the colour of choice for flammable cabinets, a secure locking system, flammable labelling and ventilation is a must. Pesticides are also another group of hazardous materials which should be stored separately from other substances. That's why 3D Storage Systems offer a range of flammable cabinets to suit. The pesticide security cupboard 1800H offers plenty of storage space, whilst the flammable chest is available in 2 sizes and can easily store petrol cans. 

Whatever your CoSHH cabinet requirements 3D Storage Systems has the solution. 

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