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Black/White Lockers

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White Lockers

All white lockers are great for use in healthcare or clinical environments to portray a clean image. White lockers are popular in doctors surgeries, dentists, pharmaceutical or hospitals. Quite often the decor in these types of environments is white, people wear white and our white metal lockers would easily fit in and look the part. White lockers come in single to six door options, depending on what you are wanting to store in the locker. A single door white locker offers full length hanging for garments and workwear. Where a six door locker would be suitable for securing small personal items such as phones, wallets or keys. You can have camlocks with 2 keys or a hasp lock fitting to use with a padlock. There are a range of lock upgrades if you prefer something more sophisticated. Popular options are the 4 digit combination lock or the digital combination lock.

ActiveCoat anti-bacterial protection comes as standard on our white door lockers. This hard wearing coating reduces the spread of harmful germs such as MRSA and E-Coli by 99.9%. ActiveCoat has been independently tested and is effective for the life of the coating. All white lockers are therefore especially suitable in environments where hygiene standards are stringent.

Black Lockers

All Black lockers offer a trendy, elegant and classic look which will suit any modern environment. Use in gyms, fitness studios, restaurants or offices to add a sleek addition to your decor. Black metal lockers look striking especially when lined up in a bank of lockers. Or place them infront of a white wall to create a bigger impact. Black lockers come in single to six door configurations. The locker frame and doors are all in powder coated black and come with a patent-protected ActiveCoat anti-bacterial coating. As with white lockers, you can choose from a range of locker sizes, lock options and accessories to personalise your locker.