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Metal Cabinets

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What Are Metal Cabinets Used For?

Metal cabinets serve as practical storage solutions across various settings. They are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. Metal storage cabinets are commonly used in offices, workshops, factories, or garages. They provide a secure space to store tools, valuable items, or important documents. Metal cabinets have a robust, steel construction to guarantee longevity and withstand heavy use over time.


Which Is the Best Metal Cabinet?

Heavy-Duty Industrial Style Cabinets - take durability a step further. Designed to store more substantial loads, ideal for industrial applications where weighty tools or equipment need to be stored securely. Our range of heavy-duty cabinets include cabinets constructed from thicker gauge steel to offer enhanced strength and stability. Choose from cabinets with double doors, sliding doors, mesh fronted doors or roller shutter cabinets.

Mesh fronted stock control cupboards – Our mesh fronted cabinets offer the unique advantage of visibility and ventilation. The mesh fronts allow for easy identification of contents without the need to open the cabinet. Air can also easily flow to prevent moisture build up and aid ventilation. Each mesh fronted stock control cupboard is designed with security in mind. You'll find robust 3-point locking systems on all cupboards within the range, each supplied with two keys for ultimate safe-keeping. 

PPE Cabinets - Personal Protective Equipment cabinets play a crucial role in maintaining workplace safety and hygiene. Our high-quality PPE cabinets are designed to safely store essential protective gear such as gloves, masks, hats, suits. Ensuring they are easily accessible in case of an emergency. All PPE cabinet come in eye-catching blue with PPE labels so PPE is easily identifiable within your working environment. All PPE Cabinets available are built with longevity and security in mind, featuring only the highest-grade steel for added peace of mind.


What Are the Advantages of Metal Cabinets?

Strength & Durability – Metal cabinets are designed with generous storage capacity. They often feature multiple shelves or drawers to accommodate heavy tools, documents, or office equipment. They are manufactured from sturdy steel, so they are built to last and come with quality locking to keep contents secure.

Aesthetic Appearance – Beyond their practical benefits, metal cabinets for storage are also popular because of their aesthetic choice. We have a wide array of styles, colours and sizes to suit different design preferences. Whether you are looking for a metal office cabinet with a sleek, polished look or an industrial style to suit a warehouse environment. Our versatile range offers any business a visually appealing storage solution.

Versatility – Our metal cabinets for sale are ideal for many settings. Heavy duty cabinets offer a robust storage solution for harsh environments, mesh fronted cabinets can be used in stock control rooms and industrial cabinets and workstations are perfect for warehouses or factories. All our cabinets help to maintain organized, efficient storage solutions.