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5 Door Lockers

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Why Should I Buy A 5 Door Locker?

Investing in 5 door lockers can provide efficient and secure storage solutions. Enhance security by offering your staff, pupils or members a space to store personal belongings. In addition, five tier lockers have multiple compartments. This helps to maximise storage capacity. Along with minimizing the amount of floor space they take up. 5 Door lockers are a popular choice for businesses, organizations, schools, gyms, retail, and call centres.

Which 5 Door Locker Should I Buy?

Five door lockers offer plenty of storage space to organize and secure personal items. At 3D Lockers we have a huge range of 5 tier lockers to choose from. Our most popular ones are the metal five door lockers. Try Five Door Supreme Locker 1800H. Available in a selection of bright door colours and sizes. And also a choice of locking mechanisms. If you are looking for all black or all white lockers, we have you covered. Probe All Black Five Door Metal Locker comes with black doors and frame to create a visual impact.

Looking for a five-tier locker made from stronger material? We also have plastic lockers, wire mesh lockers or laminate door lockers. These lockers offer greater strength and longevity for high user areas.

What Locking Options Can I Have on a 5 Door Locker?

We offer a variety of locking mechanisms. Our five door lockers come with standard camlocks with 2 keys or hasp & staple locks. Both options are at no additional cost. Other locks include mechanical 4-digit combination locks or electronic digital combination locks. These are an extra cost but provide higher levels of security. They use a unique code for access. Coin return locks are also available - popular with gyms and leisure facilities. Choose a lock option to best fit your needs and level of security.  

Where Can I Use a Five Door Locker?

Lockers with five doors are incredibly versatile. They can be used for a variety of purposes. From storing valuables in the workplace to storage for students in education settings. Use in gyms, schools, offices, hospitals, warehouses, or retail. A practical choice for many kinds of organizations.