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Electronic & Mechanical Combination Lockers

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Why Choose a Combination Locker?
Explore our range of lockers with combination locks. From single door to six door lockers with mechanical locks or electronic combination locks. This range of lockers comes in a wide selection of door colours with plenty of choices that will suit your décor. Bright colours will make a style statement while whites, greys and blacks are great for a neutral scheme. 
A combination locker is the ideal alternative if you need a locker that is secure and doesn’t use keys. Key operated locks can become problematic when users misplace their keys. With combination locks, it is simply a case of resetting the lock to save a new code. 
Combination locks are great for high user areas where multiple people use the locker each day. 
What Different Types of Combination Locks Are Available?
There are two different types of combination lock:
• Mechanical – This is a 4-digit lock with a scroll feature. This lock is more budget friendly out of the two options. Available in two pre-set modes: public mode or private mode. Public mode is used when multiple people are using the locker each day. They will set their own code each time the locker is used. Private mode is for if the same person uses the locker. They will repeatedly use the same code to lock and unlock their locker. A number finding key is used to reveal the previous code. When you insert the key, scroll the numbers backwards until they stop at the previous code. 
• Electronic – This lock works similarly, but instead you have a digital keypad. The user will choose a 4-digit code. This lock can be pre-set in public or private mode depending on the usage. No need for a master key (only if the batteries need changing). A master code allows access if a user forgets their code.
Our Top Tips for Buying Combination Lockers
Think About Access
Consider who will be using the locker and the type of environment. For example, are you looking for a gym locker with combination lock? Is it likely that there will be multiple people using the locker throughout the day. Or are you looking for office lockers where the same member of staff will be using the locker each day. 
If you have worries about losing locker keys, combination lockers provide an alternative to camlocks with 2 keys. Securely store your belongings and open the lock using a unique code.
Our combination lockers offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of access. Multiple individuals can have access to the locker if they know the code. Great for shared space environments where lockers need to be regularly accessed by different people.
High Level of Security
Lockers with combination locks provide a high level of security.  The unique code ensures that only authorized users can open the locker. This reduces the risk of theft or tampering.