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Most popular trucks and trolleys

With so many trucks and trolleys to choose from, we'll describe our most popular options here.  By far the most popular truck is the sack truck.  Not necessarily used so much these days for transporting sacks, but it is still a tried and tested traditional method of transporting goods.  The large rubber wheels, modular steel framework and rubber handles allow users to tilt the frame backwards to easily wheel around large and bulky items.  Ideal for warehouses, distribution centres and factories.  You can choose an open or mesh back to keep goods neatly stacked.  In addition you can select the platform size with variants including 150mm, 230 and 305mm.  The sack truck can also handle eights of upto 250kgs.

The platform truck is the second most popular form of goods transportation. A speedy 5 day delivery leadtime is available on the single handle truck and is available in either 900mm or 1200mm platform size variants in a blue paint finish only.  The platform truck is also available with double handles which is a handy option for pulling or pushing the truck without having to turn it around.  The platform has four sturdy rubber heavy duty castors too, 2 fixed and 2 swivel with the safety addition of braking to boot.  Furthermore there is an option for open or closed ends in a plywood finish.  After you've chosen you handles, size of platform and end finish, the only other thing to consider is the colour.  The platform truck comes in a selection of standard paint finishes making it a great choice for general commercial use.

Shelf Trucks

Just as the name describes, these are trucks with shelves.  You can choose from two shelves, three shelves, four shelves or five. The shelves have special lip retaining sides so stop items rolling off. These hand trucks are ideal for general commercial, office and school use and we even have a heavy duty set of trucks for use in warehouse and production areas, ideal for storage of work in progress or for transporting goods between areas. The shelf trucks have either single or double push and pull handles with 4 large rubber casters for ease of movement.  Available in 4 colour choices, grey, yellow, green or blue, with a speedy 5 day delivery on the blue option.

Plywood and Mesh Side Trucks

These manual trucks are ideal for moving large bulky items and boxes around packaging and industrial areas.  The plywood trucks are capable of carrying a capacity of 350kgs UDL and come with heavy duty castors, 2 fixed and 2 swivel with a braking system.  The sides of the timber loading trucks have plywood sides set between all steel welded frames.  In addition you can choose from 3 sides or 4 sides with an option for a half side on one of the long sides. If you want full retention of goods, yet all round visibility, then mesh sides can be chosen. These mesh sided trucks also offer a heavy duty carrying capability of 350kgs

Platform Trucks

For general warehouse or stockrooms, these platform trucks are of a fully welded construction with steel decking.  The platform trolleys are available with either one handle or double handles for pushing or pulling loads.  Moreover the width of the trolley at 600mm wide means the truck can easily fit through most industrial doorways. has loads of products for your premises.  We offer lots of trucks, trolleys and platforms for most needs.  You can buy online and enjoy free UK mainland delivery to most areas on orders over £150