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2 Door Lockers

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Why Buy 2 Door Lockers?

2 Door lockers offer a practical, storage space to keep bags, coats, personal items & valuables safe. If you are unsure where to start, read on to learn more advantages they have to offer:

Increased Capacity – A 2 door locker is split into two compartments; this means you can increase the number of compartments for your space without compromising on size. A two-tier locker still has plenty of space in the height, meaning you will have ample storage space for a large bag, coat, and shoes. In addition, 2 door lockers come with a double coat hook to hang garments.

Different Material Options – Our most popular two door locker is made from steel. This is the most budget friendly locker on the market. However, we also offer two door lockers in other materials. Including 2 door laminate lockers, 2 door plastic lockers, 2 door wire mesh lockers and 2 door galvanised steel lockers. Deciding on which material is best, depends on what you are intending to store inside the locker and its location. Ie. Dry area or wet area.

Security – When it comes to safely locking away valuables in your workplace or school, security is highly important. If you are looking to store valuable items, electricals such as tablets or iPads or sensitive paperwork, a two-door storage locker offers an extremely secure space. Our lockers have secure features such as through frame locking, high quality locks and anti-intruder frames. All comprise of robust, high-quality components.


Where Can You Use A 2 Door Locker?

You can use 2 door lockers in lots of different environments, here are just a few places you can use this versatile storage locker:

Gyms & Leisure Clubs – A 2 door locker is a popular choice with our gym customers. Not only does this locker give you double doors in height, but it also has a large compartment size. As there are only two doors, the locker is only split into two sections, maximising storage space. There is plenty of room to keep a large sports bag, change of clothes, shoes, and mobile phones/wallets. The double coat hook allows to hang garments such as a clean shirt or uniform to change into after training.

Schools – Use a two-door locker to lock away school bags, PE kits, coats, and also schoolbooks. A full height 2 door locker that is 1800mm high ideally suits school children in secondary school. There is more space to store and organise their expanding school equipment. Our lower height two door lockers at 1200mm or 1370mm cater to younger pupils. Primary and junior school children tend to have less equipment, so you won’t need a huge compartment size. There is a reduction in height space on a low height school locker so the compartment space is more compact. There is still plenty of space in the width and depth of the locker to store a small school bag, coat, and books.

Offices – Install 2 tier lockers in your office or staffroom so employees can lock away their bags and personal items during the day. You can also use 2 door lockers for hot desking. Use the lockable space to store laptops, headphones, and other electrical items at the end of the day. Staff can leave their equipment safely stored in a locker overnight, so they don’t have to carry everything home.

Factories – Staff working in a factory will need a secure locker to keep spare clothes, a change of shoes, coats and bags. Keep staff or changing rooms tidy and organised by providing lockers for workers.


What Is the Best Two Door Locker?

You can browse a range of various 2 door lockers to buy on our website. The best option will depend on a) your budget b) what you are intending to use the locker for and c) how quickly you want delivery.

  • A popular option is a two-door metal locker. All our steel lockers are made from durable, high-quality materials. You have a wide choice of door colours from bright and bold to all white or all black.
  • If you are looking for a metal locker available for quick delivery, our Champion two door locker is available from stock. Delivery is usually around 5-7 working days. If you need delivery even quicker, we can offer next day delivery at an additional cost.
  • If you want a locker to use in an industrial environment, then a two-door wire mesh locker is a top option. Store, dry and air wet uniforms and jackets. You can also use the compartment to keep work boots or hats. Wire mesh is also a great option if you require easy visual inspection of contents.
  • Two door lockers for wet areas or shower rooms have a slightly different material finish. Plastic, aluminium, galvanized steel or wet area laminate are the best options for this type of environment.


Whatever your requirement, we have plenty of two door lockers to choose from. If you need a little bit of expert advice, our friendly sales team are happy to help. Call or email us at