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Boxwell Mobile Trolleys

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Our Boxwell Trolleys also have two pairs of fixed and swivel castors, allowing them to be easily pulled or pushed around. This makes it highly convenient for moving heavy objects from a point to the other even through tight spaces. The Boxwell Mobile Trolley also comes in a variety of colours from which the customer can choose. 

Hazardous Boxwell Mobile Trollies

These Boxwell Mobile Trolleys for Hazardous Materials are made to provide safe and efficient means of transporting and storing dangerous substances. The mobile cages are made out of strong and durable steel which allows them to withstand the pressure of carrying materials in demanding environments. The two shelves of the trolley are adjustable, allowing the user to fit them to their liking.

Hazardous trolleys are also fitted with two pairs of swivel and fixed castors which increases the ease at which they can be pulled and pushed around. The mesh trolleys also offer great visibility of the products inside, allowing them to be quickly chekced without having to first unload them. They come in bright hazardous yellow.