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Laptop lockers are ideal for use in schools, colleges, offices & the workplace or reception areas. As it is becoming increasingly popular to bring laptops in to school or work, it is a great idea to provide a secure place for laptops and media devices to be stored. Also, our Probe laptop lockers come in a choice of bright door colours with contrasting white frame. Red, blue, orange or white to suit any modern environment.

Choose from a range of door configurations: 8, 10 or 15 compartments with either individual or single doors. All are available with charging or non-charging/store facilities. Charging units come with either a 3 pin plug or plug with USB connection. They are also CE marked and tested: BS 6396:2008.

Storage Only Laptop Lockers

We have a range of laptop storage lockers with either 8 ,10 or 15 compartments. These robust and sturdy lockers are useful when secure storage is required to keep valuable media devices safe. Available with a range of locking solutions, you can upgrade to a 4 digit combination lock or digital combination lock. Non powered lockers come with individual doors or a single user access door.

Charging Laptop Lockers

Our charging lapbox lockers have the same high quality construction as the storage only lockers. However they come with a 3 pin plug in the rear of each compartment. Simply plug in your charging lead to connect to your device so it can charge while it is locked away. A kettle lead is supplied to plug into a mains socket. As an alternative, an integral 2.1 amp USB socket is available. In charge laptop lockers are popular for use in schools, universities, offices, libraries and more.