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Boltless Heavy Duty Shelving Systems

Boltless shelving systems are quick and easy to assemble.  With no fiddly nuts and bolts, the metal shelving units simply click together with factory pre-assembled frames which can be open with diagonal support bracings or clad in sheet steel to give the shelving bay structure and rigidity.  The shelves are adjustable and are attached to the shelf frames via 4 shelf clips.  For larger longspan bays, construction of the bays are via cross beams, and the only tool you will require is a mallet to tap the connector plates into the slots on the frames.  Depending on what you are storing, you can choose from metal shelves or chipboard shelves.  

Office and Commercial Shelving

Office shelving bays offer a practical storage solution for storing away important office workplace essentials.  Whether it be for organising work files, paperwork, forms or letterheads, our shelving units are ideal for keeping everything at hand and fully organised.  There's nothing worse than losing paperwork down the back of a unit that's why our fully or side clad shelving systems are ideal for containing everything within the shelving system.  The shelves are fully adjustable which means that and the shelving unit is fully versatile.  Additional shelves or accessories such as pull out filing cradles or shelf dividers means that the shelving system stores both large and small items. The dividers segregate the shelf into smaller compartments forming bin units or pigeon hole shelving. The Ikon shelving system is an ideal office shelving system as its clean sleek white paint finish fits into any commercial or office workspace interior.  The antibacterial additive in the paint also reduces health risks in a busy environment helping to contain the spread of micro oranisms such as e-coli.  The round edge on the upright is also a safe edge helping to reduce finger injury and snagging. However if you require a quick delivery shelving solution with a superfast 3 day delivery timeslot, then the stockrax shelving system is an economical alternative for general storage of items such as everyday stationery like staples, paperclips, envelopes and the like.

Archive Box Shelving

At the end of a tax year, there's always lots of documents and invoices which need to be stored away safely.  These days we need to store records for up to seven years.  That's why 3d Storage Systems offers a range of archive shelving bays.  The shelves are available in either galvanised steel or chipboard levels depending on the weight you want to store and the environment the racking is going in. So that you don't have to work out how many boxes will fit on each rack, the boxes are inclusive.  You can choose a shelf unit which accomodates from 30 up to 70 boxes.

Library Shelves

We offer all sorts of shelving systems,  open, clad, long span and wall fixed, but we also offer a cantilever library shelving system.  The library shelving ranges from 1200mm high to 2300mm high and comes in either 750mm or 900mm bay lengths.  You can choose either single racks or double entry racks, or even a mobile trolley version.  All the bays have a sturdy weight loading of 500kgs and come with adjustable feet for stability.  When storing or displaying books, the shelves need to be angled so the reader can see the book title.  Accessories such as CD shelves and book end supports are also useful additions.

So whatever your shelving and racking requirements, 3d Storage Systems has all the kit you could need to keep your workplace organised.  You can buy online or call our sales team on 01924 240291.