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Flammable COSHH Cabinets

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What Is A Flammable Cabinet?

Use flammable cabinets to store flammable liquids or materials in liquid or aerosol form. You can find these combustible liquids in cleaning products, paints or also solvents. You must store them correctly in the workplace. If you store them incorrectly, they can become a fire hazard. To reduce the risk in association with flammable liquids: store in a safe way to comply with COSHH guidelines. Our safety cabinets are made for the safe storage of flammable materials. Furthermore, our flammable storage cabinets are bright red and come with warning labels to display on the front. This enables staff or pupils to identify what is inside the cabinet. 

Do Flammable Cabinets Come With GHS Labels?

Yes, all of our flammable liquid cabinets and COSHH cabinets come with GHS labels. This is so your staff can easily identify what materials or liquids are in your storage cabinet. A range of GHS labels come with the cabinet for you to decide which one to display on site. The sticker with the flame icon represents 'flammable' so this is ideal to use on a flammable storage cabinet. Furthermore, other labels include 'explosive' and 'oxidising'.  You can easily switch labels depending on what you are storing. Finally, all our GHS labels are easy peel.

Where Can A Flammable Cabinet Be Used?

Use a flammable cabinet generally in any environment where flammable liquids or materials are present. This may be in a laboratory, hospital, school and also manufacturing, etc. In addition, all cabinets come with an integral liquid tight sump  at the bottom of the cupboard. This ensures any accidental spills or leaks are kept inside the unit. Sound practice to dispose of a leak is by using a siphon pump to prevent health & safety risks.