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1 Door Lockers

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Why Buy 1 Door Lockers?

A one door locker can be advantageous for many reasons:

  • Storage Capacity – A single compartment locker will give you ample storage space. Inside, you have the whole height space of the locker which is split up into a small top section and a larger bottom section with an internal top shelf. Underneath you will find a hanging rail and a full hanging section. This means you can use the locker to easily hang clothing, jackets or uniforms. There is also space for large kit bags and boots. This is a better choice than a locker with multiple doors if you are looking to hang garments. For example, a two-tier locker would have a much smaller compartment height for hanging space. It is the largest compartment size of locker you will find. Use the top section to store hats, bags, personal items etc.
  • Accessibility – By installing a 1 door locker, the user has plenty of space to access their compartment. With other multi compartment lockers, there may be lots of users trying to gain access to their locker at the same time. This may cause delays or having to wait for people to lock up and move away. Single door lockers mean you are not sharing the locker tower and fighting for space.
  • Security – Similar to the above point, there is only one compartment to lock. Other lockers have multiple shelves separating each compartment making it easier to break in. Keep your belongings secure in a 1 door locker.


What Size Is a Single Door Locker?

There are various sizes to choose from when shopping for 1 door lockers. Our standard height size is 1800mm. However, we also have low height lockers for schools which are 1350mm, 1200mm or 900mm. For the width, size options are 300mm, 380mm or 460mm. And the same options are available for the depth. For storing smaller items, a 300W x 300D compartment size would be sufficient. For storing larger, more bulky items you may want to look at a 450W x 450D locker. We offer other size options too and if you have a specific size in mind, we can quote for bespoke sizes, depending on the quantity.


Where Can You Use A 1 Door Locker?

1 Compartment Lockers can be used in many environments:

  • Gyms – A popular choice with gyms and leisure clubs. There is plenty of space to hang your post workout clothing, sports bags, change of shoes and valuables.
  • Schools – Most schools use lockers nowadays, with so much equipment pupils have during the day, a personal locker is the perfect space to keep PE kits, lunch boxes, winter coats and schoolbooks. Lockers are not only for the pupils – staff also require a secure storage space for their belongings too.
  • Industrial – This locker is a great option for building sites, factories and industrial settings. Workers can hang uniform or hi-vis jackets in the hanging compartment while also organising work boots and safety hats.
  • Offices – Keep laptops and other electrical equipment secure in the workplace. You can also use a 1 door locker to store sensitive paperwork and files.
  • Healthcare – all our 1 door lockers come with anti-bacterial powder coated paint finish. This helps to reduce the spread of harmful germs and bugs. Useful in hospitals, doctors surgeries, care homes or dentists.


What is The Best Locker Material?

Ultimately, this comes down to your budget. We have lockers available in different materials to suit a range of environments.  

  • Most of our customers choose a metal locker due to them being cost effective. Single door metal lockers have a strong steel manufacture. They are excellent for dry areas and come in a range of bright door colours and a choice of quality lock options. Metal lockers are generally the quickest option for delivery. Some ranges are kept in stock for example our express delivery lockers.
  • If you are looking for a locker with a little more durability that will last longer, a laminate door locker may fit the bill. Shockbox single door lockers have a steel frame and a solid grade laminate door. They come in a range of colours or wood finishes. Laminate lockers are more expensive but will last better in high user areas such as schools or gyms. They are made to order so the delivery time is usually a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • If you are looking to buy one door lockers for a wet area, swimming pool changing room or spa, we have plenty of choice. You can have plastic lockers, zenbox lockers which have an aluminium body and laminate door or galvanised steel lockers. These lockers are specially for use in areas where the atmosphere may be damp or humid. They will last longer than a metal locker as they will not rust over time.
  • Wire mesh single door lockers are the locker of choice for factories, building sites, industrial or retail. The contents of the locker are on view for inspections and if you are storing wet jackets or uniforms, there is also plenty of ventilation for drying. Wire mesh lockers come in BZP or epoxy powder paint coating in various colours.


Ultimately, buy single door lockers if you are looking for a storage locker with the largest full height storage space. Also, if you are wanting to hang up jackets and garments then this is a great choice. If you are unsure of which locker to select or would like some advice, call our friendly sales team on 01924 240291.